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Questionable use of dues money
Find out where union bosses have spent member wages.

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Retirement Benefits
UNITE HERE employees had benefits cut by 95 percent.

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Leaders of the UNITE HERE labor union are trying to build their own strength by adding new members (and their dues) to the bottom line. But before they can truly represent workers well, they have to clean up their acts. We’re trying to help UNITE HERE bosses change, even if that means airing their dirty laundry. To succeed, we need your help!

Get the facts for yourself, and then take action. Learn more about the union officials’ record:

  • UNITE HERE officials have been convicted of spying on employees by illegally obtaining DMV records and making unwanted, uninvited visits to employees’ homes
  • UNITE HERE officials have been convicted of defaming medical professionals and falsely scaring expectant mothers
  • UNITE HERE officials claim to represent workers, but have been sued for allegedly stealing the pensions of their own retired staff
  • These illegal actions could cost current and future members nearly $100 million in penalties and fines, threatening to bankrupt the union and prevent it from representing employees

Send a message to UNITE HERE leaders to clean up their act!

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